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Liz Allen
Registered: 24/11/2011   Last Update: 24/11/2011
My landscapes start with a cartoon like drawing; a direct and spontaneous response to what I see, and it is this that the painting is built on. Colour is an important element in my paintings. I enjoy being bold and uncompromising with colour - even quite extreme at times. Pattern is also a feature I like to develop and play with.

The drawing process and gathering information on the subject is crucial. During this process, the organisation of shapes on the flat surface brings about changes to the image, as the new shapes emerge and develop. This development directs the painting process from beginning to end.

My paintings tend to have multiple viewpoints to some extent, and I like to include details which would only be visible close up, so they usually contain more information than you could actually see from a given location.

I work mainly in acrylic and sometimes oil, though I find that acrylic allows me to express the smaller details with more clarity.