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Bernard Dixon
Registered: 11/08/2012   Last Update: 11/08/2012

Bernard Dixon was born and bred in Doncaster.

He now lives at North Bay in Scarborough on the Yorkshire Coast.

Since relocating to Scarborough he has been inspired by the natural beauty of the local scenery.

Bernard has no formal art training therefore no external influences show in his unique work, however for over 40 years his drawing skills have been honed as an illustrator producing operating, maintenance and training manuals for engineers for the extensive use on diverse subjects such as small machine tools up to complete London Underground trains.

As a draughtsman and illustrator Bernard used only a pencil for the first 20 years until computers were developed.

As a photographer Bernard has over 50 years experience, starting as a school photographer whilst still a pupil where he had his own darkroom.

Bernard’s photographic skills have been used by all the engineering companies he has worked for resulting in his photographs being used for magazine covers and advertisements at exhibitions and for enhancing board rooms and reception areas.

Bernard also has had a business as a freelance photographer.

Bernard has combined a lifetime of experience as a photographer, designer and draughtsman to produce bold contemporary images he calls Line – Scapes, resulting in an ever-expanding set of limited edition fine art prints.

These prints show well known Yorkshire coastal views in an entirely new way.

Impact is achieved by eliminating unnecessary detail and using a minimal pallet of secondary colours but retaining true composition.

Bernard has exhibited his work at locations throughout Yorkshire including the Guildhall in York and Artsbank at Saltburn.

Bernard still loves photography and always explores new possibilities but has been restricted by the constraints of the actual scene in front of him. i.e unsightly cars, people, rubbish bins, lighting conditions etc.

Bernard Dixon’s Line – Scapes however gives him total control of the composition, lighting and detail freeing him up to show well loved locations as he really sees them.