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Sally Cattran-Graham
Registered: 25/02/2013   Last Update: 25/02/2013

Catt Creative delivers both classic art photography portraits of animals or a more ‘contemporary’ look depending on the clients wishes. Creating unique, pictures of your little loved ones. Every photograph presents a blank canvas for me to work with.

If you have had your dog, horse etc picture taken already please browse through the gallery or shop to find your furry friend! If you haven’t had any pictures taken and would like to, please send me an email or call me to arrange a meeting.

You can have photos taken at Marazion beach, folly or studio depending on what look you want me to create (Long Rock beach when dogs can’t go on the beach). Or arrange to meet up at one of the many other beautiful locations in the Penwith area. If you’re not local or have a favourite portrait already you can send me an email of your photo for me to work on. If you’re on holiday let me surprise you with a piece of artwork by the time you get home.

After I have captured your pets character on camera or received them by email I will get to work with graphic special effects to create a personalised piece of artwork for you. I will put them on my website for you to view and if you like what you see, have the choice to either download for iphone/ipad, computer screen or print format, which ever suits your wishes.
You can also buy a printed or framed version if you prefer.

Anything can happen with animals which is all part of the fun!

Sally Cattran-Graham-Graphic Designer

My inspirations comes from taking the real life into a surreal world. I’ve always liked an element of surprise and fantasy in art and films, which is what I try to do as often as possible in my own art. I develop the images mentally and visualise what I want to achieve before capturing my images on camera. Then take them into Photoshop cs6. I use adjustment layers, lighting effects and painting techniques to get my element of fantasy in my art work. The smallest details are usually the most important.

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All images are copyright Catt Creatives and may not be downloaded,
Reproduced, used on another website etc without express written permission
from Sally Cattran-Graham

Prices so far:
Graphic Art work:
300dpi print download: £20
72dpi Computer screen: £10
72dpi Iphone/ipad: £2.50
framed a4 print £50

Photography work:
300dpi print download: £7.50
72dpi Computer screen £3.50
72dpi iphone/pad: £1.50
framed a4 print £40