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Justin Beck
Registered: 22/03/2013   Last Update: 22/03/2013
I was born in a medium sized town called Slough in Berkshire England and as a child all I wanted to do was draw things and doodle on bits of paper. Even at school I was always doodling on the back pages of my books instead of learning the subjects.

I learnt quite a lot at school like form, structure and drawing and painting techniques, my Secondary School art teacher Mr R.Noyce was a great artist and needs a medal for managing to teach me to appreciate art history and Cross-disciplinary visual art.

In my travels I've paid my way around the word selling art along the way, I learned the art of pyrography from a Polish map maker, designed tattoo's for Brazilian prisoners, and created fashion designs for a Norwegian gun runner, life is strange to say the least.

The Illustrator:
I am primarly an illustrator with a wide range of illustration styles that vary from cartoon to realistic. I am proficient in Digital and Mixed Media Illustration as well as Traditional Illustration.

The Graphic Designer:
I use Windows. I am proficient in Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver, Corel Draw and Corel Painter 11, Microsoft's office. My primary skills are for Print and Web Design, including but not limited to: Websites, Brochures, Invitations, Posters, Proposal Covers and Interior Graphics, Tradeshow Displays, Maps and Figures, CD/DVD Design, etc...

The Pyrographer
When I was in Rio de Janeiro, I was fortunate to live and work alongside Adam, a Polish artisan that was making wonderful leather maps and he taught me the art of the pyrographer – the art of "writing with fire".

"I use fine leather, simple tools and well practiced fire engraving methods to create my works of art. All the lines and shades are burned into the leather, thus rendering it near impossible to erase or fade. Natural dyes are injected into the skin to create deeper contrasts and sharpness. The top layer is treated with plant solutions to protect the surface against time and insect infestation. Finally, a natural paste is applied to attain a fine finish. The completed pieces can be be used right away to complement any setting, whether it is home, office or a hotel room.

"The works I create are entirely crafted by hand, which makes each piece very unique. They are highly decorative, elegant and engaging. Since I use hand tools, wood and natural leather, each piece is slightly distinct, which attests to its individuality."