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Gary Anthony Fell
Registered: 07/04/2013   Last Update: 08/04/2013
I am a professional highly qualified artist/tutor with many years experience in art, education and a professional artist practice. I am skilled in many art media including drawing, silver-point, pencil, charcoal, coloured pencil, pastels, as well as oil pastel, water soluble pastels, pen & ink, pen & wash, acrylic inks, watercolour pencil, watercolour, gouache, acrylics, oils, collage and mixed media; I am also a proficient non-toxic printmaker versed in mono-print, mono-type, collagraph, lino-print, etching and screen-print.

I teach privately one-to-one, adult groups, able-bodied, disabled and special needs as a professional and a volunteer having a disability myself. I am a passionate, creative and highly experienced practitioner, who has been told, is also generous with my time, assistance and information not forgetting my inspirational works and presentations.