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Nkolika Anyabolu
Registered: 08/05/2013   Last Update: 25/11/2015
I am self-taught artist based in Dorset, England where I work as a hospital doctor. I have been painting for more than 35 years and have taken part in several international exhibitions. I can best describe my art as a journey which started long before I discovered I could draw a straight line. What I paint is never decided by myself but by my life experiences. Every art I produce has a deep meaning which always reminds me of where I started, where I have been and where I am going. I am passionate about painting and my art is particularly aimed at turning the pain and suffering I come across as a medic into sources of peace and joy. I love colours and through my art I try to capture the true essence of life which is living boldly. I work mainly with Oil and Acrylic media. I enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes that capture the beauty of Dorset. I am a member of the UK Medical Art Society and Dorset Visual Arts. I love Jesus, my husband with whom I co-founded 3 beautiful angels and my family. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you would enjoy looking at my art. :)