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Anne Griffiths
Registered: 29/07/2009   Last Update: 03/06/2010

I specialise in working with transparent fabrics, embellished with stitch or paint and sometimes combined with heavier materials, such as acrylic or metal to create durable pieces. My starting points are often a word or quotation that demands visual representation.

Following my work, entitled Liminality, that explored the ambiguity that exists in the boundaries between the fibres and open spaces in woven fabrics, I completed a series pieces entitled Anamnesis, inspired by my residency at Diamond Light Source where I investigated a range of scientific projects involving iron. In this work, the memory of materials are imprinted on cloth, this could be the patterns formed by magnetic fields, the prints made by rusting materials or the stains from iron pigments.

Some of these pieces were made in collaboration with Paula Groves as part of stainless steel sculptures.

I am interested in collaborating with industry, medical institutions etc. to produce contemporary and innovative artwork representing specific areas of research and development.


Farfield Mill Arts Centre, Installation, Sedburgh, September 2009
Weaver's Gallery Ledbury, July 2009
Mill Arts Centre Banbury, July 2009
Vale & Downland Museum, Exhibition of Local Artists, June 2009
The Motto Project: Cloth is my Bread, Kendal, September 2008
Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool, September 2008
Mill Arts Centre Banbury, May 2008
Contemporary Texiles Fair, Landmark Arts Teddington, March 2008
Vale & Downland Museum, Solo Exhibition, February 2008
Banbury Museum, December 2007
Harrogate Fashion and Embroidery Show, October 2007
New Arts Centre Chatham, July 2007
Festival of Quilts, August 2006
Said Business School, Oxford, May 2006
Harrogate Fashion and Embroidery Show, October 2005