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Sara Brown
Registered: 14/11/2013   Last Update: 24/03/2014
Artists Statement

This small body of work is a collection of items using ‘Deconstruction’ mixing luxury fabrics such as silk satins and delicate chiffon with the rawness of muslin and hessian scrim. Fabric edges have been torn and discharging methods used to remove sections of dye and paint on both fabrics and canvases. Colour has been added roughly and then fine pen detail and embroidery is added to give a sharp contrast. I intentionally paint over lines as I prefer to work in an experiential way and feel there is great beauty in imperfection.
I build up soft layers of colour, often using many tones of the same colour. There is very much a ‘feeling in my work’ and I want to make people touch the pieces. The subtly of my work is deceptive, the more you look the more you see.
My aim is to produce unique work which has a worn but luxurious quality, particularly in the fabric I produce to make scarves.

Exhibition and Gallery Details

Masham Arts Festival
Cupola gallery
Leeds Craft Gallery
Brighton Craft Fair
Beetroot Tree Gallery
The Knitting and Stitching Show
BTCF Show- newcomers gallery
Landmark Textile Fair
Rufford Art Centre
Society of Designer Craftsmen, Mall Galleries, Chelsea, SDC Gallery
Angelica Gallery in Holland
Minster Art Gallery

Contact Details
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