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Zangmo Alexander
Registered: 03/12/2013   Last Update: 19/11/2016
About VISUAL ARTIST Zangmo Alexander

A visual artist based in Suffolk UK, my work is concerned with the meeting point of art, meditation, spirituality and psychology.

While the art making process is intuitive, based in being present and aware, it is deeply informed and inspired by long term meditation practice, including being a Buddhist nun from 2007-2014. Inevitably the work is autobiographical, reflecting on both the personal and the timeless in my life experience.

Currently, I am working across several art media, investigating themes from Buddhist psychology. Gestural drawing feels very joyous, authentic and direct. Other drawings contemplate darkness and infinity of mind, the aware eye, and dissolving form.

I am also making contemplative, luminous, mixed media paintings celebrating life energy and essence.

Woman of a Certain Age photographs reflect on bodily impermanence and feelings of invisibility, while the Hotel project explores the transitory, illusory nature of life's journey. Black and white camera-less photographic Luminograms made in a traditional darkroom invite challenges to perception through their ambiguity.

I hold a masters degree in fine art, am a qualified art teacher and life coach and was a Buddhist nun for seven years. With work, including commissioned pieces, in private collections in Europe and USA, I am a speaker on art and meditation at conferences, give lectures and tuition, have appeared on Channel 4 TV and written a paper on Buddhism and the Arts for Arts Council England.

In addition to practising as a visual artist, I also run a practice from Suffolk UK offering mindfulness based creativity coaching to clients interested in developing their creativity, self awareness and discovering their authenticity.

Enquiries for commissions, sales, lectures, exhibiting, and coaching are welcome. .