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Richard Close
Registered: 09/03/2010   Last Update: 10/03/2010
I was born in Canterbury, educated and worked in the surrounding area for many years, although I now live in Jersey C.I. I still have many connections in Kent.

In my early 20’s I was reintroduced to various forms of art, thanks to two of my closest friends. This gave me a new interest not just in paint and sculpture but in variety of aspects within everyday objects.

I started taking photography more seriously four years ago and have been building my collection ever since. Through general observation I have become inspired by the various elements, and try to achieve Light, colour, texture and form within my work. This led me into looking at everything around me, Architecture, plants, trees, clouds and examining why the subject caught my eye. I now spend a lot of time looking at my surroundings in detail and analysing these elements.