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Brenda Burgess
Registered: 26/03/2010   Last Update: 26/03/2010
Brenda Burgess is an ARTIST and PORTRAIT SCULPTOR.
For her OIL PAINTINGS Brenda uses a light, calming pallette that is often deeply textural. The resulting images are peaceful and ethereal.
Brenda makes PORTRAIT SCULPTURES to commission in both CLAY and BRONZE.
For these works she uses a kindly but honest eye. " I believe I am capturing a moment in an individuals life . There is a responsibility as I know these pieces are likely to become family heirlooms". These commissions are generally of loved ones , often children. Brenda has exhibited at both The Royal Academy and The Mall Galleries.
With her enthusiasm for her craft and a wish to share it with others Brenda has, over the last sixteen years, developed a programme of ARTS WORKSHOPS. These are both interactive and educational as Brenda explains,"The workshops are all key stage /core subject relevant but, most importantly, they are fun!" Brenda often makes workshops to clients needs but popular ones include The Tudors , Heraldry and Growing Cycles.
Brenda's clients list includes several major heritage sites, schools , developers, museums and councils. For the last three years she has worked in conjunction with Leeds Castle , Kent , as their resident Artist/Educator.
For older enthusiasts Brenda offers all day sculpture clases . These already have an enthusiastic following .
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