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Dan Avenell
Registered: 22/06/2010   Last Update: 22/06/2010
Dan Avenell has been working in a variety of creative fields for 20 years, He has worked on worldwide campaigns for Courvoisier, Kenneth Cole, and Geurlain’s Insolence. He produced the artwork for cult psychobilly band Coffin Nails Greatest Hits, and regularly provides artwork for London’s InChelsea magazine, and is currently illustrating the popular new web-comic Loner.

In the past he founded the magazine Head, and wrote and illustrated three of the featured comic strips.

As an artist Dan Avenell is influenced by Pop-Art and Situationist ideas of art and design being everywhere and not part of any hierarchy of taste. His influences are underground/outsider art, comic-books, iconography, cinema, and advertising styles of the past from Alfons Mucha to Norman Rockwell to current trends such as graffiti art and the multi-media ‘cut & paste’ aesthetic. If there is a current dichotomy between art and craft, he is inclined to favour craft…

He usually creates his art with pencil and ink, then scans it into Photoshop and finishes digitally, but also works in traditional media such as acrylics, oils, and the silk-screen process.

His ideal work involves combining his artistic and creative background with the freedom and versatility that modern media provides.

You can see more of his work, and order prints of most of his work at
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Tel 07905 946 209