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Mohan Ballard
Registered: 09/08/2010   Last Update: 09/08/2010
Hi, I’m Mohan Ballard and I’m a freelance illustrator who lives in London, England. (More specifically, Hertfordshire.) I absolutely love the city of London, It is my home, my creative hub and most importantly my inspiration. I studied Illustration at Southampton Solent University, where I acquired and built up my certain style of illustration. It is since leaving university a year ago though that I have really taken my style forward and improved it to show wonderful, bright and colourful street scenes and eventful images. I love to pack my images full of events and little aspects for the eye to enjoy. Providing the viewer with an eyeful of colour, events and eye popping design is a passion of mine and the longer the viewer looks at my work, the more successful I feel I have been.

My chosen and preferred medium is acrylic paints. I have been using this medium since school, but have perfected my style around the medium only in the last couple of years. I feel the style I produce is perfect for the medium, and I absolutely love it.
While using digital media would be much quicker for the work I produce, I feel painting adds a certain charm and individuality to a piece.