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Cathryn Kemp
Registered: 08/12/2010   Last Update: 08/12/2010
Award-winning abstract painter, Cathryn Kemp, makes elusive, ethereal works which hover somewhere between emotional expression and the physicality of the materials she uses.
Cathryn’s work is deliberately non-figurative. She says: “I prefer to work without reference to things or places. I want instead to envisage the language of sensation; feelings and emotion, describing what cannot be seen by writing out diaries onto the works in loose, flowing script.”
This writing becomes abstract mark-making, beautiful in its own right and lends a delicate visual empathy to the pieces.


Saatchi Gallery Online Critic’s Choice 2010
London Arts Board – Moscow Residency 1997



The BIG Art Affair, London 2011
EGO Gallery, Bratislava 2010
A BIG Vibe Affair, Brick Lane, London 2010
Galerie Talents, France 2010
Cranbrook Art Fair 2010
Open Studios 2010
Affordable Art Fair 2009
Brighton Art Fair 2009
Open Studios 2009
Print and Place, Ghent 1997
Delfina Studios Gallery 1996
MA Fine Art Show, Barcelona 1996

Hastings Arts Forum 2010
Hastings Arts Forum 2009