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Adam Aaronson
Registered: 08/12/2010   Last Update: 08/12/2010
I am often asked where the inspiration for my work comes from and I usually respond that the ideas are never in short supply; the hard part is reaching the point where it is possible to realise them! It has taken some time to build up to the large scale blown glass vessels of my current work. These forms are physically challenging to make and required lengthy experimentation to achieve the right level of control over the colouring process.

For some time my 'landscape' artworks have been moving away from functional forms and have been created to explore the potential of the glass object. In reassessing expectations of vase, cylinder and vessel, I have been developing shapes that act as a raw canvas for the surface imagery. The large scale and dramatic forms are intended to have a primitive quality that preserves the fluidity inherent in the glass medium.

I am inspired by the ceaseless mutability of light on the landscape, the sky and on water. I am fascinated by horizons, the vanishing point where the land merges with the sky. Glass is the ideal medium to express this idea of continual change since its properties are inherently mutable, not only in its molten state but also in the way the play of light creates endless nuances in the finished piece.

The body of work I call ‘Strata’, which includes perfume bottles as well as glass forms, stems from a long held fascination with layers; from layering found in the natural world of rock formation and glacial structures, to more complex sociological layering seen in aspects of everyday life. This concept has permeated my artwork for more than fifteen years. ‘Strata’ acts as an invitation to look beneath the surface, to avoid judging by appearances. When you are encouraged to take a closer look, you often find hidden treasure.”