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Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg
Registered: 11/05/2011   Last Update: 11/05/2011

Catherine graduated from Sunderland University with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics in 2004.

After a short work placement with Sandy Brown, the renowned Potter, she set up her own Studio.

Drawing inspiration from early happy memories of tickling piglets through the fence, to the farm next door, she makes a range of Pigs. Other hand-built animals are now incorporated into her range of work; from observations of animals or her imagination.

Initially she sketches out her designs, then rolls out the clay, folds & once hardened assembles the legs & body. Again they are left to harden & the neck & head added. Each piece is made to be humorous or joyful – made to make you smile! After bisq firing to 1020• a glaze is applied & the piglets or animals are raku fired to approx 950•