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Marion Browning
Registered: 30/07/2011   Last Update: 27/02/2017
In the 1980's I completed a 3 year B.A.hons at Winchester School of Art as a mature student. From the start I was interested in texture and the way fabrics looked when manipulated, this was also the start of my love of machine embroidery. Over the years I have tried so many diverse ways of experimenting with batik, dyes, paper, collage and stitch. Natural forms mainly interest me, looking and seeking the abstract images when observing plants and natural forms, then manipulating the drawings to achieve interesting shapes.
I have a small studio in my garden where I give one-to-one workshops on collage, machine embroidery, basic stitching, anything to do with building a picture, either on paper or fabric. There is such a selection of fabrics and paper which can be dyed and messed about with to give interesting textures.
I show my work at exhibitions in Hampshire, there are details on my website. I do hope you like my work, it constantly evolves, I don't have a preconceived idea of the finished piece, it finds its own conclusion and sometimes surprises me. You can view my website on: