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Why it was created

Artistsdirectory is a uniquely designed independent free to join website created by and for UK visual artists because of something fundamental that was missing from the internet as a resource for promoting direct visual awareness of our work to a much wider audience: A bespoke 'visual directory' that's also been specifically designed for and to attract the internet audience that matters from a visual artists perspectve.

It gives the public and lovers of art, gallerists, dealers, interior/exterior designers, advertising and media art directors art buyers and publishers a definitive fuss free user friendly resource from where they can effortlessly view browse and become aware of the work of new and established UK visual artists in all major artforms directly from the home page, and even uniquely allows them to easily search for find and specifically view those that work or specialise in specific categories of medium and/or subject matter of particular artforms. They can also contact artists personally via the directory or through also being able to view their personal websites to enquire about commissioning or purchasing etc with no directory commission fees. (Being contactable via the directory is optional, see also the 'artist registration' page.)

As well as being created for the above, the directory has also been designed to become a future archive, and for this reason also includes a unique 'search artist by signature' feature for finding visual artists through however a seen found or purchased artform is signed if legible. (See also 'benefits' below.)


Free artist registration with no subscription fees includes your log into at any time content management system and viewable 'introductory strip-profile listing' and main 'gallery/profile page'. (See below.) Plus of course there are no fees if you are commissioned or sell work through being contacted via the directory.

To register, all you have to do via the artist registration page is enter your name, email address, create a password of your choice and then click the continue button which takes you to a confirmation of registration and first time login page.


Once registered, you can then log in at any time to your ' personal home page'  which is the hub of your bespoke user friendly content management system that gives you total control in easily uploading images of your work and creating managing and updating viewable details via your 'steps' that include:-

'Registered personal details'. Your details as entered on the registration page.

'Artform categories'. In relation to the individual 'artform' listings and 'search art/artist by category' on the home page, you can choose and be listed in up to 3 'artforms' and also choose relevant medium and subject matter that you specialise in. (The categories you will be able to choose from are the same as the current listings as viewable via the 'search art/artist by category' button on the home page.)

'Image library'. For fast uploading and storing of your images, adding comprehensive picture details, being able to delete images to upoad new ones, and placing/arranging and rearranging images at any time to wherever you wish them showing among your viewable details. (Images need to be in .jpg file format and not exceed 4 MB (4096 KB) individual file size.)

'Strip-profile'. (See graphic below.) Plus optional 'search artist by signature' details. (See also benefits below.)

'Gallery/profile page'. (See graphic below.)

'Extra gallery pages'. These are an additional/optional feature not included in free registration that if required can be purchased at any time when logged in for a nominal one off fee of only £9 each to assist funding website administration. They are designed for artists that don't have personal websites in giving them the opportunity to showcase as much work as they wish via the directory at a minimal cost, and also for any artists that would ever like to show more work than included in free registration, continuously add new work over time, or even include images of everything they ever create as an archive. (See also graphic below.)

(These are just graphic thumbnails to illustrate.)

Optional extra gallery pages

Your 'strip-profile' listing that will show your name, a brief introduction relating to the kind of work you do and 3 large thumbnail examples of your work.

(For viewers of the directory, your 'strip-profile' listing is a viewable 'introduction' to your name and the kind of work you do before clicking your name to access your main 'gallery/profile page' from where they can view the same 3 images enlarged with picture details along with more of your work and further information/profile etc.)

Your 'strip-profile' will be viewable in the 'artform' listings that you specialise in, the 'artists a-z' listings and whatever 'search art/artist by category' search results your work relates to.

Your main 'gallery/profile page' that will show your name, up to 19 large thumbnails of your work that are clickable to further enlarge by 380% with comprehensive picture details plus previous and next slideshow. Page 'image-flow' for having your main details/profile etc as brief or long as you wish up to a maximum of 7500 characters (approx 1250 words), Page background colour options from a choice of 14. A 'send message' link for viewers to be able to contact you, (optional), and if you have one, a direct link to your own personal website.

Optional 'extra gallery pages' are available to purchase at any time with no limit on how many you can aquire over time and are viewable via page numbering that will show on your 'gallery/profile' page. Each page can hold up to 20 large thumbnails that are clickable to further enlarge by 380% with picture details plus previous and next slideshow, and because you can easily change/rearrange viewable images at any time via your 'image library', you can always have your latest or favourite work showing on your first viewed 'strip-profile' and main 'gallery/profile page'.


The internet is a fantastic medium for visual artists to use in promoting more awareness of their work and the majority of us have a personal website with this in mind, but generally, if you have a personal website, apart from those already aware of your name who else gets to view it among the thousands of individual visual artists websites that are listed out there? How do you promote more direct visual awareness of your work via the internet?

As a means of doing this, there are of course some existing major arts related websites that many of us are already listed on, but Artistsdirectory is visually different and has been uniquely designed to attract art lovers, art buyers and gallerists etc as a totally user friendly clutter free resource that also offers them multiple and comprehensive viewing options, and via the introductory 'strip-profile' listings they can easily view and become aware of your name, a brief introduction and three large thumbnail examples of the kind of work you do before clicking your name to view and find out more on your main 'gallery/profile page' that also includes if you have one, a direct link to your personal website.

If you don't have a personal website, your main 'gallery/profile page' and any 'extra gallery pages' will be like having your own personal website within the directory, as the address that shows in your browser when viewing your 'gallery/profile page' is an individual website 'link' that can be used as a portfolio to send to people.

Via the 'search art/artist by category' feature on the home page, when a viewer of the directory wishes to find a visual artist that works or specialises in a specific category of medium and/or subject matter of an artform that you work or specialise in yourself and that relates to work you have showing on the directory, you will appear in their search results in either the form of your introductory 'strip-profile' listing, or if you are unique to their search criteria, straight to your main 'gallery/profile page'.

As already mentioned, the directory has also been designed to become a future archive with the idea being that your 'strip-profile', 'gallery/profile page' and any 'extra gallery pages' will always be viewable, and if at anytime someone was to see find or purchase any of your work somewhere and wanted to find out more about you the artist that created it to possibly even view that same work with more information about it, more of your work/profile etc, they will have the choice of doing so not just by your name, but if you sign your work, even through however you sign your work if legible via the 'search artist by signature' feature, whether you sign your work in your full name, initial/s and surname, single name, surname, initials or monogram.

For example, through simply entering the characters included in however you sign your work into the 'search artist by signature' field, search results will show them your 'strip-profile' listing along with your 3rd image automatically temporarily replaced with a close up typical example image of how you sign your work as cross reference in making sure they've found the right person, and also just in case you're not the only visual artist registered at the time that signs their work using the same name or initials etc. (This is an optional feature included in free registration, and if required, adding details on how you sign your work and an example image is something that can be done at any when logged in.)

To join the directory via quick one step free registration, please see the 'artist registration' page via the button below or on the home page, or if you would like any further information beforehand, please feel free to contact us at any time via the 'contact artisdirectory' button also on the home page.