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Arts related online advertising on the home page is in place to assist funding costs of website administration, future enhancements and increasing publicity/awareness of the directory on all registered visual artists behalf.

Permanently free online ad/links on the home page are available for arts related charitable organisations.


As the website is new to the internet and whilst it is growing, we are currently offering free advertising in the 'Arts related links' section of the home page by way of square banner ad/links on a 3 or 6 month period basis with no future obligation. (See below).


We will be publishing advertising rates at a future date when the website is more established.

When the time comes we aim to make advertising rates very keen and also affordable for the smaller arts related companies and organisations out there. This is to give 'Registered Artists' and viewers of the website a more beneficial, varied and interesting choice of arts related ads/links to view.

Advertising will be available via :-

60 x 468 pixel banner ad/link at the top of the home page. based on monthly rates.

125 x 125 pixel square banner ad/links in the expandable 'Arts related links' area on the home page, based on 3 month rates.


To take advantage of this, simply email us an artwork of your ad at 72dpi resolution via a max' 20k .jpg or .gif image file or .gif animated image file to a size of 125 x 125 pixels along with your url/website address.

We will view your ad and website, and if accepted place it in the 'arts related links' section for a period of either 3 or 6 months free of charge with no future obligation depending on current demand. We will then email you to let you know the date and period of time your ad will appear.

Enter 'free advertising' in the subject section and email your artwork to- admin@artistsdirectory.co.uk

(Note:You cannot send image files via the contact links on the home page.)

If you would like any further information concerning online advertising, please contact us at any time via the above email address or by calling on 07722 446306.