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Christine Cunningham
Registered: 03/07/2018   Last Update: 16/07/2018
I have been creating Textile wall hangings for 30 years. I use traditional skills (applique, quilting, dressmaking, hand embroidery, beading) combined with recycled materials sourced from car boot sales and charity shops, and others (cat hair, my own hair, audio speaker fabric, the lining of an old cushion, the underwire of a bra, coat pockets and nylon tights) to create unique works of beauty. Embellishment is my signature, with works encrusted with light reflective beads, sequins and old jewellry, lace and fur, pompoms, tassels and crochet. I add my own poetry, hand embroidered in silk threads and wool to add an emotional layering to which the viewer can relate.
My works are housed in two collections:
The Natural Collection explores abstract flower design, the seasons, my love of India, Buddhism and Christianity, Childhood Nostalgia and the seaside.
The Womanhood Collection explores natural states of being and sexuality, inspired by my experience of breast cancer. This is my favourite body of work.
I have developed a range of prints from detailed photographs of textiles, both standard A4 and Limited Editions (signed by the artist) in a colour palette of original colour, aged sepia, opulent gold, marble, lead and ink.
Visit my website to view my online portfolio for full details of original Textiles for sale and prints: https://www.ccunningham-textileartist.com/
I am inspired to create the works I do, my direction dependent upon the materials I have collected. Some pieces have taken years to produce and priced accordingly. Each is unique and created with love.
I have chosen works from each collection to show you the diversity in colour, texture, technique and size.
I do hope you enjoy my work as much as I have in creating it.