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When registering on artisisdirectory.co.uk the only personal information collected from you will be your 'registered personal details' consisting of your name, email address and chosen password for the website.


When registered, you can freely change or update any of those details at any time via your 'registered personal details' account step on your 'personal home page' when logged in.


We do not have access to or collect any further personal information about you such as credit card details and billing address if purchasing any extra gallery pages via the online secure card payment facility.


We will only use your email address to contact you in relation to the website, such as confirmation of registration, confirmation of purchasing extra gallery pages, confirmation of receiving cheques and forwarding voucher codes, notifying you of any changes or enhancements etc. Should you ever change your email address we ask that you update it via your 'registered personal details' for contacting purposes.


When registering, you are given the option for having a 'send message' link on your 'gallery/profile page' as a way for viewers to able to contact you at your email address via the website. (Your email address will not be visible.), If you choose to have the link showing and later decide not to, you can switch it off at anytime and vice versa via your 'registered personal details' account step on your 'personal home page' when logged in.


When registered, you may receive emails from us in relation to the website, and if you choose to have a 'send message' link showing, you may also receive emails from viewers of the website, however, we will never supply, sell or rent your email address to any third party without your prior consent.


Your registered password is personal and private to you and should be kept in a safe place. You are responsible for safeguarding it and will be solely responsible for any actions under your password. If you believe your password has been compromised for any reason you should change it immediately.


The artistsdirectory.co.uk website contains links to other viewable websites which are bound by their own privacy policies. If concerned you should refer to their privacy policies before use.


A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your hard drive to allow us to recognise your computer from one page access to the next. We only use session cookies which are designed not to be permanent or persistent. A session cookie is designed so that once you close your browser, the cookie will simply terminate. If your browser is configured to reject cookies, not all parts of the website will be usable. For example, the login process and functionality of your account steps via your personal home page requires that your browser accept cookies.


Although the utmost is done to ensure security of the website, internet security is a complex issue and no system can be considered 100% secure. Should a security breach occur we would endeavour to react as quickly as possible to remedy the problem, however, we cannot assume responsibility for registered details being compromised in the unlikely event of a security breach.


When registered, should you ever wish to temporarily 'hide' all of your viewable details on the website, you can do so at any time when logged in to your 'personal home page' simply by switching the visibility button to 'off' and vice versa.


When registered, If you ever wish to permanently delete yourself and all of your viewable details from the website, you can do so at any time by contacting us via your 'contact artistsdirectory' support link whilst logged in to your 'personal home page' and simply sending a message stating that you would like to do so. We will then email you confirmation of deletion.