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Andrew Aarons
Commissioned portraits, equestrian portraits and urban landscapes undertaken.

Mick Abbott
Mick Abbott is a full time artist, dividing his time between Cambridge, Brittany and New York. He has a fascination and fondness for gardens, landscapes, and medieval churches.

Alexandra Abraham
Painting - Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Beautiful paintings and wearable artworks (jewellery!) made with found and rediscovered objects such as Venetian glass, coins, buttons, shells or old china and glass found on the Thames Foreshore or Hampstead Heath.

Suzy Abrahams
Contemporary original paintings in acrylic and mixed media as well as limited edition archival giclee prints. Informative, fast loading and easy to navigate website where you can view more of Suzy's work and purchase limited edition prints online.

Daniel Abbott 'Abrock'
Painting - Drawing
I'm a London based, self-taught artist. My work has been exhibited in London, New York, Bristol, Gothenburg and Munich.

James Newton Adams
Painting - Sculpture
Working as a sculptor and painter, I explore my experience of the land and seascapes of Scotland as well as the people, animals and objects that inhabit them, often highlighting tensions in their relationships with each other and with the landscape itself. I work from memories of such places, drawing upon a narrative within. This allows me to build a composition around a theme - the title will as often inform the work as the other way round.

Thomas Adamski
Painting - Drawing
Hand painted portraits of cats, dogs, horses or loved-ones in acrylic, oil or pastel commissioned from your photographs. Working from my home in Tunstead, Norfolk I find real enjoyment in creating original commissioned artwork for clients across the UK and abroad.

Mark Adelman
Paintings, pastels, and charcoal sketches predominately influenced by visits to Japan.

Frank Pinney Adey
Painting - Illustration
Portrait figure theme artist.

Hazel Katherine Adlam
Painting - Illustration
Pet & People Portraits, Classic Vehicles & Aircraft, Landscapes, seascapes, floral, wildlife & nature and more. Oils, pastels, watercolours, silk paintings stationery and greetings cards - Commissions Taken

Joanna Rachael Adshead
Painting - Drawing
Inspiration for my art is drawn from my travels. I particularly like quirky animal studies and producing decorative abstracts that integrate shapes, forms and colours which capture the essence of favourite places.

Meera Ahamed
Painting - Drawing
I live in Kent and mainly work in Oil and recently started pen and ink /doodles in variety of subjects. I like nature and that reflects in my work. Below is my face book page . https://www.facebook.com/Meera-Ahamed-Artist-122803004499410/?fref=photo

Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors
Painting - Drawing
Dreamy Landscapes and Seascapes are Impressionistic with an unusual blend of expressive colour variation taking inspiration from Monet, Turner and Van Gogh, Hockney and Matisse. Her paintings have been described by the viewer as beautifully ethereal. The artist is fascinated with the changing elements of light through the day, the seasons, colour and nature. Portraits emotionally charged as the artist connects with the distinguishing characteris

Janet Aldis
Painting - Sculpture - Textile Art
My work illustrates a passion for experimentation within a variety of media. I explore expressive methods of exploiting often rich, colourful and subtle nuances of form, light, shadow, colour and texture. I will frequently combine intensely personal abstract colour work using luminescent pigments and patination within oil and inks on canvas, paper, and silk, fibres, wood and metal.

Lara Aleda
Lara is a Leeds based artist who's work is frequently categorized in the genres of fantastic realism, visionary art and surrealism. Concerned with exploring and documenting the subtle causal realities of thought, emotion and spirit Lara’s works do not seek to reflect what already exists in the physical world but rather reach forward to speculate on what could be. Lara also teaches and conducts workshops in drawing and painting.

Kevin Alexander
Painting - Sculpture - Glass Art
I work in a variety of media, mainly exploring the use of flat colour (with paint, coloured card and film, and glass) to generate imagery and forms. The relationship between self and the world around is a common theme in many of my pieces.

Zangmo Alexander
Painting - Printmaking - Photography
Suffolk artist Zangmo Alexander creates contemplative, colourful, abstract mixed media paintings, oil paintings, watercolour paintings, monoprints, photographs and drawings. All of Zangmo's art is available for sale.

Diana Ali
Painting - Drawing - Photography
Diana Ali is a Bangladeshi Visual Artist and Curator. She has exhibited in Sheffield and London; internationally in the Tehran Biennial and in the 'Disarmory' newspaper in New York. Her medium involves drawing, installation and text based work. She is interested in correspondence, networking and connectivity in her practice and her research explores the use of correspondence for our fictitious characters to exist.

Jacqueline Louise Maria Alkema
My paintings are the product of an intellectual thought process leading to a visualisation of an inner state. Working in oil and mixed media I use layering of materials combined with painting techniques to create a physical and emotional depth. Childhood memories and emotional experiences are a recurring theme in my work

Andrew Allanson
Andrew Allanson’s work is not confined to a particular genre or approach. He is one of those rare artists who enjoy the challenge of tackling ideas and projects that involve a wide range of subject matter, media and techniques. “I’m prepared to try anything,” he says. “I like the fact that I do not have a specific, recognisable style; that my work is not predictable

Liz Allen
My landscapes start with a cartoon like drawing; a direct and spontaneous response to what I see, and it is this that the painting is built on. Colour is an important element in my paintings. I enjoy being bold and uncompromising with colour - even quite extreme at times. Pattern is also a feature I like to develop and play with. The drawing process and gathering information on the subject is crucial....

Mary Allen
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
“ Nothing is a mistake in my art. Nothing is planned, it just flows from pen to paper”.(Mary Allen) The kind of work I do is very intricate, using fine liners and a vivid imagination mixed with lashings of colour to create a world that lies within.

Marilyn Allis
Popular TV artist for SKY , Marilyn teaches, demonstrates & runs watercolour workshops, acrylic, mixed media & collage, in her studio at East farm Winterborne Whitechurch, Dorset, and privately for art societies & clubs in all districts. Marilyn writes teaching articles regularly for the Paint magazine and has also written for the UK section of the International Artist.

Cassandra Lee Allsworth
Most of my subjects are portraiture and realism, but enjoy doing any subject and would like to explore more different styles of art.

Matthew Allton
Painting - Drawing - Photography
Landscape, Figurative and Still life work in a variety of media.

Isabelle Amante
Statement from Leabrooks Gallery (www.leabrooksgallery.co.uk) : "Her vibrant land and seacapes celebrate the power of nature in a contemporary style which has tremendous impact and appeal. Her work draws on her extensive experience of travel and innate restlessness of spirit which is evident in her interpretation of her subject."

Roy Amiss
Roy Amiss works in both conventional and modern media. He is an inventor and in his recent works he has created spectacular optical paintings on nylon net screens and metal mesh. These unique works he describes as Hand-painted Holographs owing to their resemblance to the 3D effect of laser holograms. He achieves this through scientific experiments and mathematics. Influenced by surrealism, philosophy, science and pop culture.

Barry Andrews
I look for my paintings to inform and invite the viewer to ask questions of the imagesI present, that they might identify an element of their own joy, frailty and mortality

Nkolika Anyabolu
Painting - Drawing
A collection of paintings by Nkolika Anyabolu, a self-taught artist based in Poole, Dorset. Her art includes Contemporary art,Modern art, Landscapes and Large Wall Canvas art. She works mainly in Oil and Acrylic.

Sheila Appleton
Sheila Appleton paints abstracts and enters worlds of her own imagination working in watercolour & ink, oils and acrylics.

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