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    Textile art
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Janet Aldis
Painting - Sculpture - Textile Art
My work illustrates a passion for experimentation within a variety of media. I explore expressive methods of exploiting often rich, colourful and subtle nuances of form, light, shadow, colour and texture. I will frequently combine intensely personal abstract colour work using luminescent pigments and patination within oil and inks on canvas, paper, and silk, fibres, wood and metal.

Paula Armstrong
Textile Art
My present work reflects my interest in ethnographical textiles, mirror work, fabric manipulation, embroidery and felting. I use these to build highly textured and collaged work. Likewise I combine tapestry weaving, braiding and other constructed textile techniques to produce highly individual and decorative wall hangings. As a trained teacher I run workshops and courses in tapestry weaving and hand embroidery.

Adrienne Brown
Painting - Photography - Textile Art
My interest lies in the inner world of dreams and memories. I aim to capture emotion through photography, using staged tableau, still-life, and recording textural beauty, colour and pattern. Photomontage helps me elaborate ideas, sparking those elusive thoughts and memories that help give depth and meaning to my work I develop my work further using textile techniques, collographs, and painting.

Sara Brown
Textile Art
Sara combines many different processes and elements to produce complex fabrics and canvases. Working in layers, colour and pattern is build up using discharging, torn appliques and stiching details to create sublte depths of colour. Sara is inspired by nature, landscapes and old buildings and fabrics and is constantly looking for innovativie ways of working and revising traditional painting methods.

Marion Browning
Painting - Drawing - Textile Art
My interest is mainly texture based, I try to achieve this by using various techniques, fabric collage and free machine embroidery and felt embellishing.. I like to experiment with batik, painting on fabrics and papers. Subjects that interest me are varied, mainly natural forms and landscape. I give one-to-one free machine embroidery and collage workshops in my studio in Hampshire. www.marionbrowning.co.uk

Christa Corner
Textile Art
I am a textile artist creating mainly, but not exclusively, hand-made paper, silk fibre and felt pieces. Inspiration comes from the natural world, archaeological remains, rockart, literature and the human form. My work has been published in Artists and Illustrators Magazine, Fiberarts Design Book Six, Batik for Artists and Quilters, Papermaking Techniques, Batik Transitions and SATURA, the Italian cultural magazine.

Daphne Cowen
Painting - Textile Art
Much of Daphne's work is based on stylised images of the landscapes of Wales where she has lived for nearly forty years and from which she has drawn her inspiration. Often her work uses embroidered silk painting techniques or collages with embroidery. Daphne has exhibited widely and received many awards.

Christine Cunningham
Textile Art
Textile Artist creating abstract wall hangings from recycled materials, embellished in a range of light reflective beads and sequins. Each creation is unique and priced accordingly. Visit The Natural Collection and The Womanhood Collection. Prints, created from detailed photographs of Textiles, are available to purchase. Visit website for full catalogue of original Textiles and Prints. https://www.ccunningham-textileartist.com/

Fun Cushions
Textile Art
Personalised anniversary cushion - an ideal personalised wedding anniversary gifts for the happy couples. Capture those happy moments, anniversary dates on cushions.

Maria-Theresa Fernandes
Textile Art
My work relates to places and how it affects my life. People and the environment has always influenced my work whether when traveling to other countries or living at home wherever it is .

Denise Gannon
Textile Art
Denise enjoys all forms of textile work, but is particularly interested in exploring the possibilities of combining hand and machine stitching with harder forms of media such as copper and other metals.

Maria Giannarou
Painting - Photography - Textile Art
Workshop and Self-taught artist specialising in oil,silk and batik painting.Inspired by impressionism with a passion for life and light, her paintings are an explotion of vibrant colours.Likes painting people and nature,still life,and enjoys exploring photography,taking photos in her own way .

Jill Gibson
Drawing - Sculpture - Textile Art
The work addresses both ageing and gender issues, looking specifically at flexibility, strength, energy and sexuality in women referencing the ageing process. The work is fundamentally concerned with process. Casting stretch fabrics in plaster, which demands a certain amount of physical strength, ‘slinging’ the wet plaster or sand into stitched fabric shapes. Therefore, the ‘doing’ is an integral part of the work.

Clive & Barbara Grabham
Textile Art
Barbara as moved on from painting to ragrug work to free up the image her creations are designed to make you smile being a designer/weaver i tend to work more geometrically providing impact in the work with the colour combinations

Anne Griffiths
Textile Art
I studied art and textiles at Gloucester College and University of West of England and have a studio at the National Science Facility, where I am working on a textile commission. As well as collaborations with industry, I am also working with interior designers, creating bespoke textiles for interiors. I also exhibit and give talks and workshops throughout the country.

Emma Hamilton
Painting - Textile Art
Using a variety of found mediums, Emma paints and molds her work into dream-scapes and personal memories. Not only is her work enchanting and mesmerizing , Emma tries to make sure it has little impact on the environment by using found objects from the beach and local landscapes etc. Emma works closely with Artist Jay Ingram-Seal under the name Beach Purl in a studio in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK

Jo Hards
Painting - Textile Art
Jo Hards is a vegan, self representing artist, based in Cheshire. She creates one of a kind, Gothic, bohemian and fairy cloth art dolls and fine art under the name Strange Little Girls. Jo's work can be found at www.strange-little-girls.co.uk

Jacqui Harrison
Painting - Textile Art
Most of my pictures are about place, urban landscapes, but I also depict events and occasions, such as weddings. I like to work in as many different media as possible and always try to explore new styles and techniques.

Tracy Hetherington
Textile Art
My work centres around responding to the landscape and natural environment. Inspired by walks through Suffolk and a lifelong interest in marine life and the ocean, creative responses incorporate abstracted forms based on surface, structure and texture. I incorporate textiles in my work with techniques such as felt making, knit, crochet, print, dye and stitch. Found objects form a part of finished works and often serve as starting points for devel

Susan Hotchkis
Textile Art
Contemporary Embroidered Textiles

Jay Ingram-Seal
Painting - Sculpture - Textile Art
Taking inspiration from the surrounding Morecambe Bay where she lives. Her work explores the use of recycled materials like fabrics, driftwood and slate.

Monique Jivram
Drawing - Illustration - Textile Art
British-Colombian embroidery illustrator and artist Monique Jivram, aka My Mums a Hippie, creates work that is vibrant, lively and heavily influenced by her Latin American ancestry. Her fascination with colour, shape and black line is evident in all her pieces. The work is highly labour intensive, layering ink drawings and embroidery. It is highly unique, striking and contemporary.

May Jones
Painting - Textile Art
I am a professional Artist living and working in Skegness. My work is inspired by colour, shape and Form. I find so much inspiration from the endless supply of Flowers growing around us. I love the ever changing seasons bringing an endless source of material. "Sunflowers" is my latest body of work compiling 21 pieces at various stages in their lifecycle.

Cathryn Kemp
Painting - Textile Art
Award-winning abstract artist, Cathryn Kemp, makes elusive, ethereal works which hover somewhere between emotional expression and the physicality of the materials she uses. Kemp’s work is deliberately non-figurative. She says: “I prefer to work without reference to things or places. I want instead to envisage the language of sensation; feeling and emotion, describing what cannot be seen but that which is experienced."

Wai-Yuk Kennedy
Textile Art
Wai-Yuk Kennedy creates textile art of many types. Size ranges from large wall reliefs to small wearable pieces such as brooches. Her typical work features the creation of textile effects built up from a range of layering, embroidery and distressing techniques. These materials are then cut into organic shapes which are folded, twisted and stiched to create 3-dimensional relief forms.

Ewa Kuniczak
Textile Art
International Textile Artist, based in Scotland, specializing in all types of handmade felt products. Author, and Freelance Lecturer and Tutor in Creative Textiles. Artist in Residence, and Leader of Community Projects.

Chris Linacre
Photography - Textile Art
I love to capture aspects of the natural world with my camera. Additionally I create batik work on recycled cotton and linen and photograph them to create prints of any size.

Julieanne Long
Textile Art
Using needlelace techniques adapted to suit the materials & scale of the work Julieanne transforms the unwanted & discarded into things of beauty. Items used in the work are either gathered from around the home, recycling bin or found dropped in the street.

Susan Macarthur
Painting - Textile Art
Images of the human form constructed with machine stitch and paint on various fabrics and papers.

Jamie Malden
Printmaking - Textile Art
Textile artist Jamie Malden a.k.a. Colouricious, loves fabric printing with wooden printing blocks. Wood block printing on fabric is a fun and fabulous way to create unique fabric for your own stamp on textile art and craft projects. http://www.colouricious.com/shop/wooden-printing-blocks

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