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John Adams
Photography, photomontage and web design.

Zangmo Alexander
Painting - Printmaking - Photography
Suffolk artist Zangmo Alexander creates contemplative, colourful, abstract mixed media paintings, oil paintings, watercolour paintings, monoprints, photographs and drawings. All of Zangmo's art is available for sale.

Diana Ali
Painting - Drawing - Photography
Diana Ali is a Bangladeshi Visual Artist and Curator. She has exhibited in Sheffield and London; internationally in the Tehran Biennial and in the 'Disarmory' newspaper in New York. Her medium involves drawing, installation and text based work. She is interested in correspondence, networking and connectivity in her practice and her research explores the use of correspondence for our fictitious characters to exist.

Matthew Allton
Painting - Drawing - Photography
Landscape, Figurative and Still life work in a variety of media.

Darren Andrews
Freelance Photographer and Lecturer based in the North West of England. A professional for more than 20 years he specializes in striking seaside and industrial images, portraits, pigeons and rock stars. He has exhibited widely and his book 'Pleasureland' is on sale at Waterstones or via his own website.

Diane Archer
Sculpture - Photography
My work focuses on issues of body image in a contemporary context. I am particularly interested in how people view themselves, and how this perception has been altered by contemporary western society. My work explores the search for comfort within one’s own body. It is a common experience for people to feel out of step within themselves, as though their bodies are separate entities with the capability to betray, deceive, or disappoint them.

David Beaney
Using photographs as a starting point I attempt to produce prints in a graphic style, reminiscent of paintings or screen-prints. I specialise in coastal / seaside subjects.

Alan Bedding
Alan has produced a collection of stunning signed Giclee prints combining photography and computer imaging techniques.

Elsie Bell
Elsie Bell is an up and coming photographic artist specialising in digital manipulation. Being a very keen photographer, apart from where stated she takes all the photos herself. She is being kept very busy with exhibitions April to June 2011.

Eleanor Leonne Bennett
A young critically acclaimed artist who has won over fifty awards and holds important roles as an educator in visual art, literature and marketing.

Chris Benton
Photographs taken in Mid Staffordshire , where I live. My feelings on good photography , which I do not claim to alwaus produce !, are summed up by a phrase I learnt when doing my Btec study; " There are TWO important parts on a camera . One is the lens on the front , the other is the nut behind the viewfinder."

Fiona Benton
I am a self-taught freelance photographer based in Northumberland. I am interested in natural textures and movement, abstract forms, street photography and landscapes.

David Blakeley
David Blakeley is a landscape photographer based in South Devon. The majority of his pictures are taken at sunrise along the stunning South Devon coastline. David has a website and has a stand at art and craft fairs in the Torbay & Teignbridge areas of Devon.

Scott Bowen
Photographer also providing enhancement and photographic restoration services.

Richard Bowring
Illustration - Photography
Cambridge based Illustrator and photographer, established fourteen years.

Adrienne Brown
Painting - Photography - Textile Art
My interest lies in the inner world of dreams and memories. I aim to capture emotion through photography, using staged tableau, still-life, and recording textural beauty, colour and pattern. Photomontage helps me elaborate ideas, sparking those elusive thoughts and memories that help give depth and meaning to my work I develop my work further using textile techniques, collographs, and painting.

Dave Butcher
Fine art black and white photography of landscapes and cities around the world, all taken on film. Availailable as silver gelatin archival prints or digital files for image licensing. Author of 3 books, Lake Light, Peak Light and High Light. Landscape photography courses and darkroom printing workshops run throughout the year.

Mark Carr
Painting - Printmaking - Photography
I am multimedia artist working in paint, print, video and sound. My work is conceived from single incidents or echoes found in our society, which evolves into series of works held together by a single theme. The results look to change space within the picture fame and beyond through juxtaposition and visual displacement.

Sally Cattran-Graham
Illustration - Photography
Catt Creative delivers both classic art photography portraits of animals or a more ‘contemporary’ look depending on the clients wishes. Creating unique, pictures of your little loved ones. Every photograph presents a blank canvas for me to work with. If you have had your dog, horse etc picture taken already please browse through the gallery or shop to find your furry friend! If you haven’t had any pictures taken and would like to, please send m

Richard Close
Inspired by the various elements to achieve light, colour, texture and form within my work...

Tony Cobley
Landscape and seascape images of Devon, Dartmoor, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Available as digital files with publication license of as fine art prints and canvasses. Commercial commissions also welcomed. Photography training & tuition in Devon.

Andrea Coltman
Painting - Photography
My current practice looks at portraiture and figurative imagery. I question "What Lies Beneath?" in my quest to understand the many layers that make a person. I have explored social class and in particular social groups to try and represent the here and now in portraiture. I mainly paint with oils building the portrait up from a burnt umber underpainting which I feel is representative of the many layers that make a person.

Charlotte Cooper
Documentary style photography capturing the very essence of human behaviour and spontaneity of movement to create life as it is,

Richard Ainsley Cox
Richard is a self taugh photographer based in North Norfolk.He has been working with digital imaging for about ten years.More recently he has been exploring possibilities with inkjet printed materials to make collage.His inpirations are the natural world and a long standing facination with Surealism.He is a member of the London Photographic Association and registered with the Norfolk and Norwich Hospial Arts Project.

Tom Crawford
I'm a Photographer, Photo-Artist, Author, DJ - heavily inspired by 60's culture and music. AKA Grumpy Dyslexic Mod of the South! , Working with a lot of bands at the moment on EP and LP covers

Stephen Cross
Stephen specialises in Photographic montage and works alone on a commissioned basis, or can act as a facilitator and coordinator to groups creating their own artworks. Comments from past viewers: “Blew my mind! Wonderful. I have always loved Hockneys collages. Your work is very special and different, what a pleasure!” “This is great community orientated art, accessible and fascinating!”

Paola De Giovanni
Drawing - Photography
Originally from Genoa, Italy, I trained in Florence and Venice. Graduate of the London College of Fashion-The University of The Arts, MA-Fashion Studies, I have exhibited my artwork and photographs in the UL, Switzerland, Japan and the USA.

Alex Denny
I graduated in June 2009 from Portsmouth University with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Video and Broadcasting and also have a keen interest in fine art photography.

Richard Denyer
Project based documentary photography, including current work on the man-altered versus wilderness wetland landscapes of East Anglia and the Netherlands. An interest in marginal cultures provides subject matter as diverse as wrestling and indoor flying.

Bernard Dixon
Printmaking - Photography
Bernard has combined a lifetime of experience as a photographer, designer and draughtsman to produce bold contemporary images he calls Line – Scapes, resulting in an ever-expanding set of limited edition fine art prints. These prints show well known Yorkshire coastal views in an entirely new way. Impact is achieved by eliminating unnecessary detail and using a minimal pallet of secondary colours but retaining true composition.

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