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    Ceramic Art
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Alexandra Abraham
Painting - Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Beautiful paintings and wearable artworks (jewellery!) made with found and rediscovered objects such as Venetian glass, coins, buttons, shells or old china and glass found on the Thames Foreshore or Hampstead Heath.

Ruth Ames-White
Sculpture - Ceramic Art - Glass Art
My mosaics consist primarily of vitreous glass, ceramic, recycled materials and millefiori. Bold designs and strong colours lend themselves perfectly to working with this medium.

Nestegg Antiques
Ceramic Art
Wide range of antique toby jugs, English Toby Jugs from Staffordshire etc at Nestegg Antiques. Choose the best toby jugs, mugs, figurines from Staffordshire and beyond.

Elise Ruffell Austrin
Ceramic Art
Elise Ruffell Austrin studied Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins College in London. She designs and produces handmade jewellery, tableware, framed ceramics and greetings cards in her Devon studio. Her work is sold online and through various galleries.

Kevin Baldwin
Ceramic Art
I was introduced to pottery at school, and was studying pottery at evening classes in my local college for 15 years. In 2000 I decided to build my own studio where I fire Raku, Earthenware and Stoneware hand made pottery. Most of my work is thrown, but I enjoy hand building large ware for Raku.

Alan Ball
Ceramic Art
After biscuit firing his pots to 1000 degrees centigrade Alan smokes each pot individually. He builds a loose brick structure to suit the shape of the pot, this confines the pot so the smoke and flames are concentrated on it's surface. . Newspaper is his main source of fuel. It is surprising the small amount of paper that is needed to get a dense black.

Richard Baxter
Ceramic Art
Richard Baxter is a well known British potter producing highly individual and collectable work.

Matthew Blakely
Ceramic Art
I make woodfired stoneware and porcelain pots as well as gas fired celadon glazed pots.

Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg
Ceramic Art
Catherine graduated from Sunderland University with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics. Drawing inspiration from early happy memories of tickling piglets through the fence, to the farm next door, she makes a range of Pigs. Other hand-built animals are now incorporated into her range of work; from observations of animals or her imagination.

Belgin Bozsahin
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
My journey started with painting in oil colours which engaged me for a long time. A passion to continually expand my experience has lead me to experiment with materials ranging from paper, yarn, fabric, and now to much harder materials like marble, mosaic, and ceramics. For the last three years I have been constructing forms in porcelain clay with a focus on making the viewer hyper-aware of the inner and outer spaces they occupy.

Holly Bridgestock-Perriss
Painting - Ceramic Art
Holly Bridgestock-Perriss is based in the old market town of Tenterden in Kent, she was privileged in growing up on a farm spending most of her childhood riding around the Kentish countryside on horse back and helping her father with the livestock. She went on to study veterinary nursing and now spends her time as a full time artist painting with oils and sculpting in ceramics, using her knowledge and love of animals as her main inspiration.

ray aram brooks
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Big Outdoor Sculpture. Public Art . Schools. Commissions, Large scale Chainsaw sculpture, Outdoor clay firing and ceramics.

Lucinda Brown
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Lucinda’s inspiration comes from the spirit and the body that we temporarily occupy. It is the inner qualities of peace and clarity that she is most concerned with and this is reflected in the Fragments and the newest, Serenity Collections.

Patricia Buckley
Painting - Printmaking - Ceramic Art
I am a figurative but imaginative artist that is largely inspired by nature. I particularly like to paint window views and like the feeling of combining the domestic objects of the interior with the external natural world outside.

Brenda Burgess
Painting - Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Brenda Burgess is an artist and portrait sculptor. For her oil paintings Brenda uses a light, calming palette that is often deeply textural. The resulting images are peaceful and ethereal . Her portraits are made in clay or bronze to commission . These are generally of loved ones , often children . Exhibitions include The Royal Academy and The Mall Galleries.

Rosie Burns
Painting - Printmaking - Ceramic Art
obsessive reative is a acurate description, I have alsways needed something to do or make. I paint in the summer and print make and scultp in the winter. I am based in North Devon and Exhibit accross the south west in galleries, hotels and restaurants. See www.rosieburnsartist.com for more of my wotk and to purchase on line.

Jean Cairns
Ceramic Art
Jean creates colourful pieces which are both whimsical and and unusual, and cover subjects ranging in style from Beryl Cook to Picasso. She works from her studio in Essex which is always open to visitors as a welcome distraction from work.

Dorienne carmel
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Her sculptures are very figurative , her love of the human form and expression is very evident in all she does . Not to be tied down to one subject , feeling free to create , sometimes very whimsical other times with abstract elements but always figurative. It is especially important to her that the figurative pieces always raise a comment or a smile

Julie Clare
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
I am a contemporary sculptor working in a range of mediums. I am passionate about the origins of evolution and humanity. I believe art will only 'sing' if it is hewn from the unremitting exertion of honest observation. I work within two discipline's; 1. Figurative, from an emotional perspective. 2. Abstract, interpreting the earth's elements and evolution.

Carolyn Clayton
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Hi I'm Carolyn Clayton a ceramic sculpture artist developing flower people. Having worked as a bone china flower maker part time at Coalport since 2004, I came up with the idea of my flower people one evening. They are handmade using either parian clay or porcelain.

Clare Crouchman
Printmaking - Ceramic Art
Contemporary, ceramic wall panels and prints inspired by rhythmical and repetitive patterns in the landscape. The abstract ceramic designs are created by utilising inlays of different types of clay. Fine lines are etched directly into the surface. A sparing use of oxides and glaze produces subtle colours and preserves the natural stone-like textures. Prints are collograph etchings in small limited editions of 10.

Suzanne Davis
Ceramic Art
Suzanne takes her inspiration from the sea, ancient cultures and the whimsies of nature! Depending upon the pieces being created, she may coil, throw, pinch or use slabs and hand decorates with natural oxides and brush-on coloured glazes. She works with both earthenware and stoneware clay.

Alison Day
Illustration - Ceramic Art
Alison Day is a multimedia artist, designer, illustrator, who enjoys trying out new art processes to realize her ideas. A favourite is using re-cycled materials as decoration in her work and to up-cycle old objects into new.

Judy Elrington
Ceramic Art
porcelain and stoneware hand built pieces

Nigel Eveleigh
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
My ceramics achieve a balance of artistic creativity, suggestion, form and gesture, the textured markings and earthy colours help to create a certain warmth and tactile feeling. They are allowed to be fresh and ever changing, expressing their own form and meaning with inspiration drawn from my imagination and the elements of our natural environment.

James Faulkner
Ceramic Art
I make complex textured surfaces on minimal forms inspired by the natural processes of erosion all around us. I take inspiration for my forms from geometric shapes and the architecture of the industrial landscape and seek inspiration for my surfaces where manmade meets the environment.

Aimee Fisher
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Sculptural handbuilt ceramics inspired by the cross sections of seedpods; Aimeé explores the subtleties of form and the relationships between internal and external space whilst considering the interplay between the different forms. With no pre-determined base the pieces can be displayed in different positions and contrasting colour affects how the form and the space around it is perceived.

Mary Fletcher
Painting - Drawing - Ceramic Art
I am a flaneur, observing people and expressing my life as a woman in the twenty-first century. I use many media including film and installation. My work is inspired by feminism,psychology and leftwing politics. I also celebrate life via dance and music, drawing quickly.

Lesley Gogarty
Sculpture - Ceramic Art
Based in Sussex, Lesley at Mask Art produces original designs from clay, and hand painted with acrylics. As full face masks they are hand held and every mask includes a leather loop on the inside so they can also be wall hung as decorative pieces of art

Teena Gould
Ceramic Art
Contemporary sculptural ceramics. Mosaics, ceramic and peble wall and floor artwork, to commission. Ceramics of desire and contemplation inspired by the dynamic forces of the earth.

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