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Zangmo Alexander
Painting - Printmaking - Photography
Suffolk artist Zangmo Alexander creates contemplative, colourful, abstract mixed media paintings, oil paintings, watercolour paintings, monoprints, photographs and drawings. All of Zangmo's art is available for sale.

Julian Askins
Painting - Printmaking
Since graduating in the early 1980’s Julian Askins has had great success with his paintings & original prints depicting sun drenched parts of the world. His unique approach & bold use of colour is uplifting and unique.

Paul Baines
Illustration - Printmaking
UK urban artist. Currently setting up my own screen print studio. I take a skewed look at the 21st Century, unnerving the media, toppling celebrity, bringing attention to the hypocrisy of society. Street art, graffiti and pop art influences.

Laura Barnard
Illustration - Printmaking
I’m a UK based illustrator who specialises in big cityscapes and complex urban patterns. I'll deliver you quick, smart and quirky illustrations reliably and on time. If that’s what you’re looking for, please do get in touch.

David Beattie
Drawing - Printmaking - Sculpture
David is an established Etcher/Artist/Sculptor of over 30 years experience. His work reflects the personal values of skill.... hard work..and craftmanship...with some talent to master them thrown in.

Tony Berkman
Painting - Printmaking
For some time I have been concentrating on developing my ideas about living in an urban environment through my art. I am especially interested in conveying the sense of colour space and movement that cities create. I use various techniques when working on my paintings which range from medium to large scale canvasses.

Jonathan Blackmore
I'm an artist and linocut printmaker, my current work is inspired by nature, landscape and architecture.

Colin Bowen
Painting - Printmaking - Sculpture
My work can be said to fall into 3 categories. I have painted small trompe l'oeuil paintings relating to the books on your shelves, including some on commission. My assemblages and sculptures, also often on literary themes, are usually of a more esoteric nature. I have more recently been following an idea related to the 'referred' colour reflected onto 'white' surfaces: the 'No Such Thing as White' series.

Angela Brittain
Painting - Printmaking
Working mainly in acrylic, many of my paintings are inspired by the different perspectives people have when they are in the same situation. This mismatch of perceptions is part of everyday life and reveals more about us than we realise. Not wanting to be too pretentious about meanings, the wit and fun of a picture is paramount to my joy of execution. Colour and composition are used to express the emotional interplay of joy/sadness, hope/apprehen

Hollie Brown
Illustration - Printmaking
Freelance Decorative Illustrator and Printmaker. Work is best described as humorous and quirky with a lively imagination.

Patricia Buckley
Painting - Printmaking - Ceramic Art
I am a figurative but imaginative artist that is largely inspired by nature. I particularly like to paint window views and like the feeling of combining the domestic objects of the interior with the external natural world outside.

Rosie Burns
Painting - Printmaking - Ceramic Art
obsessive reative is a acurate description, I have alsways needed something to do or make. I paint in the summer and print make and scultp in the winter. I am based in North Devon and Exhibit accross the south west in galleries, hotels and restaurants. See www.rosieburnsartist.com for more of my wotk and to purchase on line.

Jim Butler
Drawing - Illustration - Printmaking
Drawing, artist's books, printmaking and illustration

Robbi Campbell
Robbi works energetically with shape, marks, patterns and evocative combinations of colour. She is interested in the interplay of background and foreground, positive and negative images competing for prominence and drawing the eye of the viewer around the image to find unexpected and exciting texture and detail which inhabit her work.

Mark Carr
Painting - Printmaking - Photography
I am multimedia artist working in paint, print, video and sound. My work is conceived from single incidents or echoes found in our society, which evolves into series of works held together by a single theme. The results look to change space within the picture fame and beyond through juxtaposition and visual displacement.

Stephen Chan
Drawing - Illustration - Printmaking
Illustrator / graphic designer based in liverpool

David Chandler
Painting - Printmaking - Sculpture
Uses themes of classical places and lost cities.

Brendan Clarke
Drawing - Illustration - Printmaking
Dark artist specialising in the macabre, and exploring our deepest primal fears.

Clare Crouchman
Printmaking - Ceramic Art
Contemporary, ceramic wall panels and prints inspired by rhythmical and repetitive patterns in the landscape. The abstract ceramic designs are created by utilising inlays of different types of clay. Fine lines are etched directly into the surface. A sparing use of oxides and glaze produces subtle colours and preserves the natural stone-like textures. Prints are collograph etchings in small limited editions of 10.

Heather Defferary
Illustration - Printmaking
Colour, form and text have featured in most of Heather's recent work. Figure drawing a main interest.

Bernard Dixon
Printmaking - Photography
Bernard has combined a lifetime of experience as a photographer, designer and draughtsman to produce bold contemporary images he calls Line – Scapes, resulting in an ever-expanding set of limited edition fine art prints. These prints show well known Yorkshire coastal views in an entirely new way. Impact is achieved by eliminating unnecessary detail and using a minimal pallet of secondary colours but retaining true composition.

Hugh Dunford-Wood
One-off narrative prints made up of small separate linocuts. They are worked around a themed series, not telling a story, but creating a mood more like poems than illustrations. The nature of the medium seems to isolate the individual components of each print giving them an abbreviated economy, both in execution and in interpretation.

John Eastwood
Printmaking - Photography
John Eastwood is one of the leading fine art landscape photographers specialising in the inspirational landscapes of the North West of England. He reguarly exhibits in galleries throughout the North West and his work is sold in signed and numbered limited editions of just 25 prints. Full bio, image galleries and exhbition listings can be found on his website www.photolandscape.co.uk

Painting - Illustration - Printmaking
Hand Cut Stencils with Hand picked original comics

Gary Anthony Fell
Painting - Printmaking
I am a professional highly qualified artist/tutor with many years experience in art, education and a professional artist practice. Skilled in many art media.

Jackie Mary Ann Field
Drawing - Printmaking
My ideas are developed through drawing, photography and printmaking taking the viewer on a journey psychologically moving them through space realised in the medium of woodcut. I want the images to begin to take on a monumentality. Printmaking becomes a continuation from the process of drawing. Looking and describing using the images to explore the dynamics of translating from one medium into woodcut and other printmaking techniques.

Anne Forte
Painting - Printmaking
I work as a painter and printmaker. I enjoy using both mediums which filter into each other, by virtue of their very different processes. I have had many exhibitions all over the world, and sell my work to private and public collectors.

Chris Francis
Painting - Drawing - Printmaking
Variety of artwork in various media and techniques of a range of subjects

alan furneaux
Painting - Printmaking
Naive colourist with his own distinct style living in Cornwall

Louise Gale
I am a Cornish painter and printmaker working hard to sell 1 million pieces of my original art for just £1 each. I would love to hear from any of you that are interested in my work and welcome any questions so please feel free to contact me.

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