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Ryan Samuel Adams
Drawing - Illustration
Ryan Adams is a character designer and illustrator from Scotland who has worked on various television programs and films in the UK and Ireland.

Frank Pinney Adey
Painting - Illustration
Portrait figure theme artist.

Hazel Katherine Adlam
Painting - Illustration
Pet & People Portraits, Classic Vehicles & Aircraft, Landscapes, seascapes, floral, wildlife & nature and more. Oils, pastels, watercolours, silk paintings stationery and greetings cards - Commissions Taken

Mary Allen
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
“ Nothing is a mistake in my art. Nothing is planned, it just flows from pen to paper”.(Mary Allen) The kind of work I do is very intricate, using fine liners and a vivid imagination mixed with lashings of colour to create a world that lies within.

Natasha Almeida
My illustration work incorporates ink work, mixed media paintings and photo based collages. I enjoy working quickly and impulsively so it has energy and character; often my best work is in my sketchbook. Reportage and illustrations to go with narratives are some main themes for me. Also creative writing and using text within images is something I am increasingly interested in.

Jeff Anderson
I am a freelance illustrator based in the North East of England. With over thirty years of experience working in publishing, comics and graphic novels, advertising and greeting cards. I hope you enjoy looking at my website and if you have any questions please get in touch via the contact page. Thank you for looking, Jeff

Rob Anderson
I am an Edinburgh based, freelance illustrator, who has spent the last nine years working primarily for the Scottish advertising industry. The diversity of the clients and projects I work on is shown in the variety of styles I can produce. Please have a look around my website, and if you have a job you would like me to have a look at please just give me a shout.

Sandrine Anterrion
Drawing - Illustration
Hello. I am a Fashion designer, painter, and Illustrator. I specialize in silhouettes, female mainly, dance movement, and landscapes.

Linda Aslaksen
Painting - Illustration
L. Aslaksen is fascinated by mythology, ancient history & the mystic world. Current works document her interest in a rising, Pop-surrealistic Movement, demonstrating bold colours, rustic steam punk, symbolism and decorative elements. Inspiration derives from artists and creatives such as S.Dali, Brian Despain, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Mark Ryden, Jason Limon, Shaun Tan, & Tim Burton.

Dan Avenell
Dan Avenell has been working in a variety of creative fields for 20 years, He has worked on worldwide campaigns for Courvoisier, Kenneth Cole, and Geurlain’s Insolence. He produced the artwork for cult psychobilly band Coffin Nails Greatest Hits, and regularly provides artwork for London’s InChelsea magazine, and is currently illustrating the popular new web-comic Loner.

Stuart J C Avery
Painting - Illustration - Calligraphic Art
Stuart J C Avery is a commission artist based in rural Derbyshire. Specialising in fine artistry, Stuart creates original portraits of people, animals and landscapes. With over 3 decades of professional experience, he has created artwork for household and famous names as well as national and local commissions. In addition to his portraiture, Stuart includes postcard design, illustrated calligraphic presentation pieces, book illustration and per

Graham Ayre
A designer who has creative skills in web design, branding, stationery as well as designing and hand cutting papercuts.

Paul Baines
Illustration - Printmaking
UK urban artist. Currently setting up my own screen print studio. I take a skewed look at the 21st Century, unnerving the media, toppling celebrity, bringing attention to the hypocrisy of society. Street art, graffiti and pop art influences.

Alan Baker
Alan Baker works in mixed medium, mainly watercolour, airbrush, and pen and ink . This is then scanned and edited and adjusted in photoshop, He works in all areas including, children's books, editorial, advertising and packaging. He also works in Black and white.

Miles Baker
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
self taught artist whose all work is original

Mohan Ballard
I’m a freelance illustrator who lives in London, England. (More specifically, Hertfordshire.) I absolutely love the city of London, It is my home, my creative hub and most importantly my inspiration. I studied Illustration at Southampton Solent University, where I acquired and built up my certain style of illustration. It is since leaving university a year ago though that I have really taken my style forward and improved.

Gary Barker
I have been a political cartoonist and business illustrator for nearly 10 years. In that time my work has appeared in the The Times, The Guardian and most other UK national daily newspapers. My business illustrations appear weekly in Estates Gazette and my political cartoons in each edition of Tribune Magazine. My work has also appeared on BBC Newsnight, Channel 4 News and on HBO in the USA.

David Barlow
Painting - Illustration
David Barlow is a self-taught painter/artist/illustrator specialising in watercolour studies of elephants, apes and other wild animals and more recently, commission based portraits of horses and dogs.

Laura Barnard
Illustration - Printmaking
I’m a UK based illustrator who specialises in big cityscapes and complex urban patterns. I'll deliver you quick, smart and quirky illustrations reliably and on time. If that’s what you’re looking for, please do get in touch.

Jax Barrett
Drawing - Illustration
Jax is a Fashion Illustrator and Artist with a great love for style, nostalgia and jewellery, all of which are reflected in her work.

Sally Barton
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
Sally Barton is an artist, illustrator and storyboard artist. She works in watercolour, oils, pencil/graphite and also digitally - the latter mostly for storyboards created using a cintiq. As well as commercial work, Sally also takes on private commissions - in particular for portraits. She's a member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators and her work has been exhibited in London and throughout the South East.

Ruth Elizabeth Bateman
Painting - Illustration - Sculpture
Ruth paints large, colourful and energetic mixed media paintings, presently focusing on nature and landscape. Ruth paints with a fusion of energy and passion, often spontaneous but always inspired by the world around her. , Ruth is well established and known for her wire and mixed media sculptures, where wire is used to transform a drawn line into energetic three dimensional sculpture Ruth’s wire sculptures concentrate on her love of animals.

Colette Baumback
Painting - Illustration
Colette Baumback Colette’s style of painting is unique , she uses a only a palette knife to apply the many layers of paint to the canvas, By building up multiple layers she creates bold texture within the finished work giving the painting a sculptural quality . She is fascinated by the light, texture and colour within natural environment and her paintings are a reflection of that. This is conveyed by a strong organic feeling captured within her

Jennifer Baxter
Painting - Illustration
As a collage artist I like to use as many different kinds of paper as possible in my work including gift bags, postcards, beer mats and fish & chip bags and anything else I can find that is relevant to the subject. I love the depth of textures and effects created through adding layer upon layer, combining photography with my own hand-rendered mixed media illustrations to convey the mood and emotions connected with each image.

Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
Lynn's work is innovative, original and versatile and she aims to capture an essence of emotion in her work, drawing the viewer in to the story that unfolds. Her work is intuitive and comes from within, drawing on her experiences from where she lives and from places and people she meets & visits. Her latest works focus on the invisible connections between us and the world at large.

Dani Bergson
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
Dani Bergson is a London based artist and illustrator, specialising in animal art. Dani can undertake individual commissions from pet portraits and murals to large design projects. Over the past 20 years she has worked for numerous publishers designing ranges of Greeting Cards, Posters, Limited Edition Prints, Children’s Books, Puzzles, Wrapping Paper, Fabrics, wallpaper and much more. ‘’I like to explore the essence of an animal through paint an

David Blatch
Cartoon- styled illustration at its best. I create colourful characters and bright scenes that burst with energy. The tone is humorous and light hearted and as a whole, is perfect for communicating up- beat content. The style mixes extremely well with outside requirements/ briefs, producing breath-taking results.

Tina Bone
Painting - Drawing - Illustration
After years as a self-employed desktop publisher, in March 2005, Tina changed career to realise her lifelong ambition to become a self-taught professional artist. She is now co-authoring, illustrating, editing and publishing a series of books about rivers under the umbrella banner of "RIVER FRIEND" (http://riverfriend.tinasfineart.uk)

Richard Bowring
Illustration - Photography
Cambridge based Illustrator and photographer, established fourteen years.

Nic 'Shugmonkey' Brennan
Over the past 11 years I've worked in/with Graphic Design and Publishing houses covering subjects from Children's book's, Education, Character Design, Posters, Flyers, Web based Graphics, Fashion Design, Branding, Logo design, Album Covers, Technical Illustration for Civil and Military aerospace and everything in-between.

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